Gadgets and Props
5th Apr 2016
Build and shooting space kindly provided by Vault of Souls
Gadgets and Props
2nd Jan 2016, 9:03 AM

I've used certain pros and gadgets over Return to Second Life overall, and in the last part, to help setup and shoot the webcomic.

  • The "Ez" Magic Chair - Skybox Rezze is a handy gadget for temporary building. You rezz it and up to six AVs can sit on it. Then you can move/warp it to different height locations and rezz various things at that location. These feature a variety of sets (including a meeting room that was used as the interior to Optimum's underwater base) and a couple of building platforms. The advantage of was that I could go to a sandbox, put my AVs on the chair, and go to a height where I wouldn't be bothered or bother other folk (though visitors persisted).  Stuff could then be rezzed that such as a Builder's Buddy set, and the shoot could be done. Long term readers will also recognise this as D'Olby's SIDRAT (TARDIS spelt backwards).
  • HEIZARAHILLS is a business that sells a number $1 modifiable buildings and I used some of these as sets in the final part, to replace sets that were in the now defunct Spinwheel City. They also sell more expensive stuff, but a $1 set was all I needed.
  • The ClubCamera HUD Mk III and ClubCamera HUD Mk III Maxi are essentially the same gadget - a HUD that you can store viewpoints in and come back to later. The views can be "locked in" so that you can move your AV around and it doesn't change. Both are commercial versions of a free and simple view lock script, but they were worth the $L for the convenience of use. With five AVs but more characters, I could lock in a shot for a panel, pose, change outfits and repose my AVs, and take another shot that matches the first. Later it was a simple matter of using a graphics editor to paste in the extra characters so that they would look as if they'd been there all the time.
  • The AnyPose Expression Version 1.0, at $L0, is extremely useful in setting up expressions on AVs. I've often skimped on poses (you'd be surprised what you can do with dance animations) but being able to set mouth, eyes and hands on an AV is very useful. Phate Shepherd Creations, who make this, also sell the AnyPose BVH Pose Stand which is more expensive, but with way more options.
  • The GNU Builders Buddy  has been extremely useful in building temporary sets in SL. Cheap as I am, I don't own or rent any land in SL, so all my building is done in sandboxes or friendly Sims. This allowed me to build sets with hundreds of components - like D'Olby's  and Buggle's Bases - and rezz and derezz them easily. But - you have to know what you're doing!


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