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World of Kaneva
- 13th Mar 2012 -

World of Kaneva is similar to bothy Second Life and Onverse and lies somewhere in-between in what your avatar can do. Customisation of your appearance is limited, but you can create clothes and objects to sell and use. Generally most of your avatars time is spent either in their flat with friends, out and about somewhere in Kaneva city, at a couple of specialised venues, or in private communities or games.

Apart from the city itself and its annexes, most places are giant "3D Rooms" with false perspective walls. Nothing wrong with that (and it is used as well in Onverse, Twinity and others) but unlike Second Life you can't just walk everywhere from A to B as if it were all part of the same place, you need to find (and later bookmark) them by doing a search.

There are quite a few communities here, including queer ones, but finding them isn't obvious. There are however tours that you can go on to check some of these out. Most of the time you'll find a party going on in the main square where folk will wave and chat with you. There are some secret corners however, including a Kaneva office where the staff are asleep,. There's also a recreation of the Family Guy set, and the TBS HQ.

Overall, this is a world primarily for social networking.

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