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- 21st May 2012 -

 1: Main screen at the welcome centre, 2: Dancing on the rooftops, 3: Training Exercise at the power plant, 4: Flailing into the floor, 5: Transport portals, 6: Avatar options

Proto Terra (not to be confused with the a band of similar name) seems to be another example of a failed world. The first few times I used it I believed that I was using a demo version but that (it seems) was not the case. The reason I thought that was that I couldn't find anyone initially. Like Exit Reality and 3B I did meet another avatar - eventually (Otherwise the only companionship you'd ever find here is chatbots). I think they even reviewed it.

It had some destinations (see right) There are night clubs, bars, shops and cafes, a speedway, a chapel (with chatbots as an audience, if you wait for them to rez), a skate park, a veteran's memorial (and park, which looks suspiciously like the skate park flooded), offices and universities (sort of - they were generic office spaces), and a theatre. There was a training exercise at the Power Plant which was almost interactive. It had all this but no people.

Like 3B there's not much you can do to customise your avatar, though you can at least cam around and see what they look like at the front! You could walk, run, skate, fly, drive cars (and have accidents with all three). You could travel via portals to other places (the effect of which inspired my own portals in Seconds), from Gastown (love that name) to Martinsburg and back again.

Overall Proto Terra (which I have a bad habit of calling ProTerror) had potential, but seems to have failed because its potential market went elsewhere. People were doing the same thing in a less clumsy fashion elsewhere, and no one came to the party.

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