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- 5th Sep 2012 -
 1: One of Elsie_Brook's avatar looks; 2: Map of LeGenoaAires featuring highlights; 3: Main Page when logging in; 4a: Shopping dialog, and 4b: Home Shopping; 5: Marble_Baar in his self contained flat; and 6: Dance floor example, and also part of The Gateway.

While vSide is owned by the some company that owns Exit Reality and Twinity, it seems much more successful than either of those. Whereas Onverse catered to the early teens and pre-teens, vSide is geared toward late teens and early twenties. It also resembles Kaneva and other virtual worlds, in that a player gets their own flat which they can customise nd upgrade, but also can cruise various cities and venues, shopping for custom items or dancing/drinking the night away.

However the interface is very slick. While it's possible to accidentally drown by falling in the water (and get re-spawned somewhere else) it pretty difficult to fall between the cracks like it is in Kaneva, Prototerra or Exit Reality. Avatars can be customized reasonably well, but they'll never be anything but the same size and weight, and look vaguely in their late teens. There's a reasonable range of free clothing to start you, and you can make your own subject to approval if you want them permanent. Sitting is by selecting an action arrow (like the ones over the sofa in 5) and it's possible to do other actions as well (like climb fire escapes) using these. Otherwise you can walk/run about using arrow keys and jump with ENTER. Anything else - like dancing, emotes and other actions - requires a gesture.

There's no sexual gestures as such at the lower levels. There may be when one levels up but I doubt it. This is a virtual world built for listening to music and dancing, while flirting. Shopping will buy you clothes, accessories (including drinks). You can buy furniture (only at your own home, and if you want you can buy a lakeside villa or even a cruise boat! To buy things you need either vPoints (obtained through activity) and vBux. You can buy vBux with real money and at the time of writing $US 5 gets you 500 vBux. Higher amounts earn you "bonus vBux", You can also send gifts to others or even give either of these away. My first real person I spoke to in vSide came up to me begging for vBux!

While most of what you can do in vSide is pretty limited and repetitive, it is done well. You can take snapshots but these are saved on line, and can be linked to a Facebook account. Most of vSide connects to supporting webpage elements, like a profile, people, events, forums, and support. It's easy to see why they stopped developing Exit Reality after the company bought this.

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