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DePaul in the Sky II
- 19th Nov 2012 -

 1: The "ruins" of the Tree house in the sky; 2: Ancient ruined temple;  3: Picnic and play area; 4: Holiday home, skybox, and playgrounds.

Sometimes things don't go as planned. I was going to re-use the tree house location for additional scenes, but when I can back to it, 10 months since was last there - it had gone (see image 1)! That was a pity as it was a great design and had real character. I didn't let that stop me however, since the floating island was still there, I decided to buy some gardening supplies (grass, bushes, dead tries) and redress the set. In fact this worked in my favour since any explosion  there would have caused some devastation.

The other locations I'd plan to use were untouched, and I even discovered secrets that I'll be incorporating into the next part.

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