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The comic is made by photographing dolls, toys and and action figures.
Set in the distant future, in a world still recovering from an apocalypse. In it, humans and androids live side-by-side and face the hazards of their dangerous environment.

Second Life / Open Simulator resources

Second Life Only

All these are available via the Second Life Marketplace, so are only available in Second Life.

L$ 0
HORIZONS Scene - Slum City: An instant set.
AleyMart (Shop): Most of AleyCat's free stuff
AnyPose Expression: Set your avatar's expressions, eye and hand positions
GNU Builders Buddy: Create collections of builds which you can rezz and de-rezz quickly.
EZ Magic Chair - Skybox Rezzer: A vertical vehicle which seats six and can rezz scenes or a worpk platform. Good for working in a sandbox at high altitude (away from other builders).
UR Sync HUD: Allows you to share a viewpoint with another avatar.
> L$0
L$ 99 - ClubCamera HUD Mk I Box (other versions linked to at bottom of page): Records viewpoints which can be used later during shoots.
L$ 390 - Prim Finder 2.0: Finds unusual shaped prims to use in builds. Good if you're using prims to experiment with.

Hypergrid / Opensimulator

These resources are primarily meant for Open Simulator/Hypergrid, but may also work in Seconond Life. Objects that are mesh, scripts, and buildings (like those in Zadaroo) that are saved in XML format can be imported into Second Life, but other resources like IARs and OARs can't.


Modified Camera Lock Hud
This HUD allows the user to lock a particular view, unlock that view, or swap between the locked view and a current view. This is a very HUD, but the locked viewpoint is saved over sessions, and it can be copied and those copies locked to different viewpoints.
Camera Hud OS
This HUD also allows a user to lock and unlock a viewpoint, and has a number of preset positions relative to the avatar (e.g. Left Shoulder) to dynamically set the viewpoint.
Bijocam And Other Camera Scripts
From the SL wiki: This is a camera control system which allows you to place camera objects in the world and view them by clicking on them. You can also cycle between cameras using a HUD and create a "game-style" environment where entering certain areas gives certain camera views.
Builders' Buddy
Rapidly deploy and clear your sets (also available in the SL Marketplace).

Building Stuff

SL Clothes Previewer
allows you to view your texture images on an avatar and refresh changes while you are working in a graphics tool like Photoshop/GIMP. Also see Clothes Previewer and Free, Open Source Skins, FATEcreate Mesh Template Source Files, at Outworldz.
QAvimator is a BVH character animation editor created for use with Second Life®. Also see Animations and these downloads at OutWorldz.


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