Seconds Production Crew Roles

Be aware that each avatar may take on any or all of the following roles. Initially you join as a FAN, and it's up to the Producers to assign you other roles as per your expertise and interest. The roles are as follows (with Active Title for each in parentheses):

Everyone (Seconds Fan)
This is the entry level role. Nothing is expected of a Fan, and they get on the notices when sent.
Resource Locator (Seconds Scout)
Finds locations to shoot at, things, poses and HUDs to get or buy for the crew, or invites additional crew members.
Model / Actor (Seconds Actor)
Poses for still shoots, and acts for video shots.
Camera (Stills) (Seconds Photographer)
In charge of taking snapshots on a shoot.
Camera (Video) (Seconds Machinamist)
Responsible for making video footage and/or sound tracks from live action in-world scenes.
Builder (Seconds Props Master)
Either finds, builds or buys props for the crew.
Fabricator (Seconds Casting)
Creates, finds or buys clothing and accessories for the crew, and/or finds/creates custom Avatars/Characters.
General Hand (Seconds Support Crew)
All purpose role for anything not listed in other roles, like moral support, catering, et cetera.
Crew Leader (Seconds Director)
The officers of the group, with more powers than regular members. Also mostly in charge of individual shoots.
Owners (Seconds Producer)
Has FULL POWER over the group. In charge of all Directors and general staffing.

What you won't find in the roles above is Editor or Writer. That's because most of either activity is done out-of-world rather than in-world. In general, it will tend to be either the Producers or Directors that do the writing and editing. In part the multitude of roles is actually a bit of role playing in-world, but having associated titles also helps a Director to keep track of who's who on set.


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